Preparing Land, Labor, and Capital For Mars

Preparing for a trip to Mars, although most of us assume a technology focus, we are leavng out a crucial consideration.

How To Prevent an Island From Disappearing

When we plan on losing an island to climate change, we can select an alternative that will forever preserve it.

Who Owns the Moon’s Resources?

With four countries having made lunar landings, we can ask if any one can own moon water and other lunar resouces.

Where the Reverse Supply Chain Takes Us

Returning a massive amount of goods annually, we have created a reverse supply chain that uses considertable land, labor, and capital.

Why We Should Care About “One-Click”

Asked to identify the most influential inventions, we might name the telephone or the light bulb. Then taking the next step, we need to consider what we mean by influential. In a recent paper, researchers told us what influential means…

Why We Moved Back With Mom (and Dad)

Looking at multigenerational households in the U.S. and Europe, we see where and why young adults stay and leave.

The Golf Gender Gap

Asking what is blocking women’s access to the the C-suite, one of our answers could be the golf gender gap.

Where Downhill Skiing Is Taking Us

When we see ski resorts adjusting to snow supply problems, we can focus on how they have to change their land, labor, and capital.

A Feel Good Story From Gander

Streaming on Apple TV, “Come From Away” tells how the residents of Gander, Newfoundland warmly cared for thousands of unexpected guests.

How Climate Change Affects Alcohol Levels

A small example of a much larger phenomenon, the response to Bordeaux’s climate change could transform land, labor, and capital.