Where Water Stress Is a Worry

A malady that billions of people experience, water stress is spreading around the globe as climate changes.

The Dangers of Space Trash

On Earth Day, we should not only be thinking about our planet’s sustainability but also about the increasing amount of space debris.

Choosing Between a Road and a Reserve

President Biden just said “No” to a road. More than some gravel connecting two places, this Alaskan road represented a much bigger dilemma. Development or Conservation Alaska had asked the Biden Interior Department for permission to build a road to…

How Sheep Help Solar Power

Looking closely at the sources of electricity production, we would see that solar power has some (sheepish) surprises.

When Climate Rights Became Human Rights

Because of a court decision for more than 2,000 female litigants over the age of 64, environmental rights became human rights in Switzerland.

March 2024 Friday’s e-links: The Fish Doorbell

Concluding our March e-links, I suggest reading about a delightful innovation that is called the fish doorbell.

When and Where Higher Temperatures Elevate Food Prices

Thinking about the reasons that food prices rise, we can add a cause to our list that might get worse in the future.

The Unintended Consequence of a Garbage Ban

Although Jasper, Indiana’s garbage ban sounded ideal for the environment, it did have unintended consequences.

The Many Sides of New Jersey’s Plastic Bag Ban

Deciding if plastic bag bans are effective, we can look at the upside and downside in New Jersey and several recent studies.