What You Might Want To Drive In Norway

Before anyone heard of sustainability, decades ago, a popular band helped to make EVs a part of Norway’s culture.

The Top Ten Economic Ideas That Explain Thanksgiving

Rememebring that economics explains our everyday life, we can use a Thanksgiving top ten to understand our holiday behavior.

Why a Carbon Tax Proposal is Like Goldilocks

When we look at the world’s carbon taxes, as economists we can think of Arthur Pigou and correcting market failure.

Why Long Potatoes and Short Corn Can Be A Problem

More than crop innovation, the story of short corn takes us to climate change, to farm productivity, and maybe even to long potatoes.

How Money Matters at COP27

A first day COP27 update demonstrates how tough it will be to make progress with developing world requests for “loss and demage.”

Six Facts: Everything We (Might) Need To Know About Clean Air

With COP27 having begun in Egypt, it could be helpful to be aware of these six facts about global air quality.

Some (sort of) Good Climate News

In the eia’s (U.S. Energy Administration) “Annual Energy Outlook 2022,” their world energy outlook has improved slightly.

When an African Pipeline Is About Much More Than Oil

Like many fossil fuel projects, a new East African pipeline is controversial because of the tradeoffs it would create.

When Bird Tourism Is Not “For the Birds”

Whether looking at New Zealand’s “bird of the year” contest or Alaska’s bird tourism industry, we see benefits that are not “for the birds.”

How Climate Change Affects Alcohol Levels

A small example of a much larger phenomenon, the response to Bordeaux’s climate change could transform land, labor, and capital.