How to Reduce Overfishing and Increase Food Security

Threatened by overfishing, the world’s fish stocks could be saved by a WTO agreement that limits subsidies and by fake fish.

Why California Will Send Less To Landfills

With our landfills filling, California’s SB 1383 has taken a huge leap toward encouraging 39 million people to recycle their organic waste.

The Mystery of the Missing Wrap

Although soft plastic recycling was supermarket chain Tesco’s goal, it did not quite work out as they planned.

Why the Upside of Plastics Is Its Downside

We wind up with a plastics plight because the many wonderful attributes of plastic make it tough to avoid and tough to discard.

Why Bugatti Gas Mileage Matters

Because the Biden Administration has a new social cost of carbon, it could elevate 2026 fuel efficiency standards.

When There Is More to AC Than Cool Air

Related to climate change and even more to income, demand for air conditioning will rise considerably by 2050.

The Downside of an Airplane’s Descent

For greener airlines, a plane’s stairway descent to the airport from 40,000 feet is one of many changes we should consider.

From Development or Conservation to Fat Bears and Big Trees

Thinking of Alaska’s development or conservation tradeoff, we can just imagine fat bears and 180 foot trees.

The Great Himalayan National Park’s Unintended Consequences

When planners developed India’s Great Himalayan National Park, they achieved their plans and some unintended consequences.