How the Pandemic Affected Peanuts and Butterflies

Very different under normal conditions, peanut butter and butterflies become rather similar during a coronavirus lockdown.

The Oyster, the Martini, and Happy Hour Economics

More than oysters and martinis, a Happy Hour at your favorite restaurant is really all about how supply and demand create more revenue.

The Problem With a Bendy Straw Law

The bendy straw was invented at the Varsity Sweet Shop in 1937. Where are we going? To why it’s tough to eliminate the bendy straw. But first some history… The Invention of the Bendy Straw Sitting at the Varsity Sweet…

Fracking and India’s Guar Bean Bubble

Used in ice cream, India’s guar gum is also so necessary for fracking that the rise of oil prices created a guar bean bubble.

The Razor and Blade for Printers and Cartridges

With printers and ink cartridges ideal for a razor and blade strategy, HP took the next step in a firmware update that had a delayed “DRM time bomb.”

Weekly Roundup: From Nibbling Nachos to Sipping Starbucks

Our everyday economics includes risk, externalities, purchasing power, complementary goods, capitalism, money supply, human capital, and innovation.

Chips and Cheese Insight

For complementary goods and services like cheese and chips, peanut butter and jelly or weddings and bridal gowns, their demand rises and falls together.

Weekly Roundup: From Grocery Bags to Soda Bottles

Our everyday economics includes developing nations, human capital, environment, behavioral economics, consumer spending, health care,incentives & sin taxes.

The Unexpected Impact of Reusable Grocery Bags

Knowing that reusable grocery bags shifts consumer spending to more indulgent purchases, supermarkets can respond with new prices and product placement.

Jell-O, Gillette, and the Kindle Fire

At first no one wanted to buy Jell-O. The year was 1902, the product was jiggly, and people had no idea how to serve it. Then, its producers went door-to-door with free cookbooks. And the rest of the story is…