The Demise of the Gas Station

Looking at gas station economics now and in the future, we see electric vehicle (EV) chargers as an existential threat.

How to Reduce Range Anxiety

Near the top of a list of innovative countries, Sweden is where we could find a road that charges EVs (electric vehicles).

Why Lithium Batteries Are Like Rubber Tires

Knowing that lithium batteries are a requisite for electric car production, General Motors and Ford need to guarantee their supply.

What You Might Want To Drive In Norway

Before anyone heard of sustainability, decades ago, a popular band helped to make EVs a part of Norway’s culture.

The Electric Vehicle Switch

Seeing your new EV, you might find it difficult to imagine the huge changes that an electric vehicle switch required in the factory.

Where to Find an Electric Vehicle’s Emissions

If you care about the emissions created by an electric vehicle, the next step is to think of your zip code and the grid mix in your state.