The Ups and Downs of Gas Prices

Because our spending on gasoline is somewhat constant, gas price fluctuations can have a massive impact on what we spend elsewhere.

Why Taylor Swift Likes Slow Ticketing

Wondering why concert ticket prices have gone up during the past decade, we can look at Taylor Swift’s 2018 Reputation tour.

Why There Is No Such Thing as a Free Coupon

Last week, I paid $25 for three hours at an NYC parking garage. Others though paid $50 for the same amount of time. We could say that it cost me less. But there is much more to the story. What…

Amazon’s New Way to Think About Prices

Knowing that Amazon’s list prices will soon disappear from most of their ads, we can ask Nobel laureate Danial Kahneman how they affected us.

The Surprising Tale of the Mexican Soda Tax

The surprising impact of the Mexican soda tax demonstrated that consumer and supplier responses can be unpredictable.

Weekly Roundup: From Russian Vodka to Venezuelan Beer

Our weekly roundup includes how economics connected Venezuelan oil and beer, Russian taxes and vodka, Broadway and the $10 bill and moving and jobs.

Everything We Could Ever Want to Know About Cigarette Taxes

An example of a sin tax, cigarette taxes can create incentives that involve saving lives, increasing revenue, entitlement spending, and smuggling.

How Healthcare Spending Resembles the Steam Engine

While retail health clinics were supposed to cut healthcare spending, they might be increasing costs because of extra visits caused by their convenience.

Where Your Price Depends On Your Timing

Dynamic pricing at Amazon, the Indianapolis Zoo and a Dallas toll road displays how price influences buyer and seller behavior.

Weekly Roundup: From Fast Food Grades to Movie Reviews

Our economic news summary includes inflationary movie reviews, baggage productivity, fast food animal welfare grades, Chinese consumer spending and methane.