Where Women Pay the Motherhood Penalty

Knowing there is a global motherhood penalty that has not been quantitatively confirmed, scholars recently expanded the numbers.

Lost Luggage Finders and Other Invisible labor

Looking closely at everyday activities, we would see the invisible labor that many of us rarely recognize.

Why We Want a New Kind of Ice

Knowing that we can find entrepreneurs in the most unexpected places, we should look in Dubai’s bars for glacial ice cubes.

The Unintended Consequences of a Menthol Cigarette Ban

One sure thing about economic policy changes like the Masschusetts menthol cigarette ban is there will be unintended consequences.

Why Marijuana Markets Will Change

More likely than ever before, marijuana regulations.could change during 2024 if the Congress and the DEA agree.

How the Taco Tuesday Fight Ended

Deciding who could invite us to Taco Tuesday was finally legally settled after Taco Bell challenged the owners of the Taco Tuesday trademark.

Do Beer Taxes Make a Difference?

Hoping either to improve our health or elevate revenue, governments levy sin taxes on items like beer with results that economists debate.

Where a Junk Food Tax Will Limit What We Eat

Hoping to encourage healthy eating habits and less obesity, Colombia has a junk food tax on ultra-processed food and sugary drinks.

The Impact of Marijuana Legalization

Citing the increase in marijuana legalization, the Kansas City Federal Reserve quantified its economic and social impact.

Why Workers’ Wages Are a Worry in Bangladesh

Having just gone up, garment workers’ wages in Bangladesh show the tradeoff between cheap fast fashion and fair pay.