The High Cost of Cheap Gas

Looking at Nigeria’s gas prices, we can see the costly impact of a subsidy and what happens when it is removed.

How We’ve Been Delaying Life

Comparing 1980 and now, we would see that many of us are older when we experience five of life’s key milestones.

Why Monique Is More Than a Chicken

More than money, our increased pet spending signals the changing relationship we have with our dogs and cats and even a chicken.

How Mickey Mouse and Prince Are Similar

Although the Supreme Court has answers about the intellectual property rights to an original image of Prince, still we debate its ownership.

Why We Work Less

While our work leisure balance has changed during the past century, the reason for more recreation can be debated.

Why We (Do and Don’t) Want Congestion Pricing

A first in a U.S. city, Manhattan’s soon to appear congestion pricing could create the incentives its advocates expect.

Why We Moved Back With Mom (and Dad)

Looking at multigenerational households in the U.S. and Europe, we see where and why young adults stay and leave.

How We Use Our Time

We can look at the American Time Use Survey and Microsoft to see how our time use varies by age, gender, and at work.

Where Will Work Be In 2027?

Published yesterday, this year’s “Future of Jobs” report from WEF tells us why and how global labor markets will change in five years.

The Inventions That Really Made a Difference

Lighting history can remind us that a technology timeline reflects countless incremental steps as progress unfolds.