How Presidents Changed Thanksgiving

One reason that we have had Thanksgiving Economics change is because of decisions from Presidents Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Bush.

What Will We Do Without the Leap Second?

Just like we have leap years, we’ve needed leap seconds to coordinate the earth’s real rotation time with our atomic clocks.

How Financial History Can Repeat Itself

Looking at 1907 and the current turmoil in cryptocurrency markets, we could be seeing a repeat of financial history.

Why Long Potatoes and Short Corn Can Be A Problem

More than crop innovation, the story of short corn takes us to climate change, to farm productivity, and maybe even to long potatoes.

What Pay Transparency Reveals

New York City’s new pay transparency mandate could narrow a race and gender pay gap but also could have unintended consequences.

A Surprising Mini Baby Bump

Whereas fewer babies are born during recessions and major catastrophes, it appears we could have a pandemic baby boom surprise.

How Much Less We Work

With 60 million extra hours of non-commuting time, we had the opportunity to make revolutionary work leisure tradeloffs.

How To Make a Hog Happy

Extending far beyond hogs and animal welfare, National Pork Producers Council v. Ross is about state power.

How Much We Were Willing To Work

Labor force participation rates could have conveyed only a part of the picture of how much we worked during the pandemic.

How Our Work-From-Home Habits Have Changed

The NY Fed tells us that remote work has stuck: For services (blue) and manufacturing (mustard), a relatively substantial number of us remain remote:   But it has been disruptive. Let’s see how. Work-From-Home Pre-pandemic There is much more than…