Chili Pepper Problems

Now we can add Sriracha shortages to the list of items first affected by Covid and then also by severe weather.

The Unexpected Cost of An Almond

Allocating water to California almond growers that could be used elsewhere in the state represents tradeoffs and considerable cost during the drought.

Are We Getting Squeezed by Lemon Growers?

Supply and demand have upped lemon prices. For supply, there was a drought and freeze in California; while popularity and pricier limes have led to increased demand.

The Problem With Demand For Strawberries

Our Wednesday Environment Focus Every morning, with my yogurt, I enjoy a strawberry-grape smoothie and then later, writing this blog, I munch on almonds. And, like me, other baby boomers are buying more strawberries and raspberries, almonds and pistachios. The problem is…