What Barbie Says About Women’s Work

More than the story of a toy doll, Barbie’s history reflects how women changed their labor force participation.

When Lipstick Is an Unusual Indicator

As an unusual economic indicator, an uptick in lipstick sales can signal a downturn in the economy because it is a cheap luxury.

What Unusual Economic Indicators Are Telling Us

Whereas trhe U.S. givernment uses 11 leading economic indicators, others look at unexpected commodities.to predict a recession.

The Problem With Our Economic Outlook

When assessing the economy consumers used to perceive economic indicators accurately but more recently their outlook has been skewed.

The Economic Indicator That Coronavirus Can Create

Coronavirus can create an economic indicator that tells us whether manufacturing activity has increased or decreased in China.

Surprising Economic Indicators

While the BLS has leading, lagging and coincidental economic indicators that it follows, the MUI and the lipstick index can also be an economic indicator.