How Corn Might Surprise You

Searching for the cause of rising food prices, we find a smaller picture that relates to corn and also a larger image of worldwide reasons.

What We Need to Know About Uber

Knowing that it needs to eliminate its driver shortage, Uber is trying to increase supply by offering higher wages.

Why We Have a Chores Gap

Especially evident during pandemic lockdowns, at home we have a chores gap that determines who does the housework.

What Japan’s Olympic Planners Never Bargained For

On the surface, rescheduling the Tokyo Olympics could sound manageable but looking at ticket refunds reveals the gargantuan costs.

Why Our Chicken Wings Are Flying Off the Shelves

Different and yet similar, producers are facing a slew of supply shortages whose causes range from the pandemic to the weather.

How Chip Shortages Create a Car Crunch

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Six Facts: Where the Gender Gap Has Grown

While we know that the pandemic gender gap grew, we need to look more closely at mothers to see who, how, why, and where.

Where Housing Prices Are Going Through the Roof

Whether looking at lumber or houses, we see a housing boom that is an example of classic supply and demand.

Learn With Elaine: A Bucatini Mystery

The product differentiation that led everyone to love bucatini also created a mystery when it disappeared from supermarket shelves.

Pandemic Elevator Etiquette

When we return to work, pandemic elevator etiquette will create delays, minimal occupancy, frequent disinfecting, and demand for toothpicks.