The World’s First Drone Port

If the first drone airport is built in Rwanda, they will have achieved a transportation infrastructure leap and eliminated the need for expensive roads.

The Maple Syrup Heist

Because the prices in Canada’s maple syrup market are controlled by its strategic reserve, the market resembles a cartel that distorts supply and demand.

Adam Smith and Traffic Lights

Located 30 miles from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, the island of Nantucket has no traffic lights. Instead, drivers respond to stop signs, rotaries, and courtesy. More often than not, if a pedestrian, a walker, or a biker needs to cross the…

Would Adam Smith Have Supported a Higher Minimum Wage?

Because it would be wonderful if we all knew Adam Smith, I was delighted that President Obama quoted him in a recent speech. However, Smith’s relevance to a minimum wage boost is a bit of a leap. Discussing economic mobility, the…

Adam Smith and a Physician’s Pay

Pondering healthcare reform again, I came across this comment from Adam Smith, 1776, WEALTH OF NATIONS: 22] We trust our health to the physician: our fortune and sometimes our life and reputation to the lawyer and attorney. Such confidence could…