Why We Should Be More Like Our Pharmacist

Usually summarized by one percent, the gender pay gap is so much more complex when we look at a slew of other variables.

What We Can Learn From Claudia Goldin

For work that spans half a century whose message is timeless, the Nobel committee awarded this year’s Economics Prize to Claudia Goldin.

How Pay and Boots Reflect the World Cup Gender Gap

Through Women’s World Cup football, we can see how a male bias created a gender pay gap and shoe discomfort.

How the Gender Gap Has Barely Budged

Looking back 110 years from last Friday (March 3, 1913), we would have seen the Woman Suffrage Procession in Washington, D.C. The thousands of marchers had a larger than expected audience because the Wilson inauguration was the next day. While…

The 6 Facts We Need To Know About Gender Gaps

While different metrics show us that gender gaps are shrinking, still, globally, substantial gender differences create underutilization.

What Pay Transparency Reveals

New York City’s new pay transparency mandate could narrow a race and gender pay gap but also could have unintended consequences.

The Newest Women’s Soccer Team Victory

Navigating the EEOC, the court system, and collective bargaining, the USWNT fought for decades to win the women’s World Cup soccer lawsuit.

Where (and When) Do Women Earn More?

Whereas a Pew report says that young women’s gender pay gap has disappeared in 22 metropolitan areas, the whole story is not quite as good.

December 2021 Friday’s e-links: “Greedy Work” and Other Labor Market Issues

Our December 2021 e-links continue with a Steven Levitt talk with Harvard’s Claudia Goldin that looks at 50 years of women in labor markets.

Why Your College Major Matters

Trying to understand the gender pay gap, researchers correlated college majors, occupational choices, and wages.