Econlife Quiz: The Economics of Holiday Shopping

Are you a typical holiday shopper? The latest econlife quiz might give you a few clues. From average spending to regifting and the triggers that make us buy more, the econlife team looks at the economics of holiday shopping. My sources and more: Thanks…

How Time Rich Shoppers Affect Prices

Knowing that shoppers spend different amounts of money and time, stores use price discrimination as purchasing incentives.

Less Choice Fatigue at Whole Foods

With Whole Foods ranking produce as unrated, good, better, best, they are simplifying shoppers’ decision making and minimizing choice fatigue.

When Did We Become Shoppers?

Who would have thought that the elevator helped us become shoppers! In Made in America, Bill Bryson tells us that the safety elevator enabled stores to expand upward. And having multiple floors meant we could have department stores. We have…