Why China Is Doing a Belt and Road Pivot

As China begins the second decade of its Belt and Road initiative, it says it will pivot from the past with a new approach.

How an Economic Growth Path Can Lead to High Income

If the Dominican Republic’s economy continues the convergence velocity predicted by the IMF, it will avoid the middle income trap.

Where Less AC Might Mean More

Paradoxically, because air conditioning demand could increase with a more efficient window unit, we could have some unintended consequences.

What Population Pyramids Tell Us

Far beyond their numbers, population pyramids can tell a story sbout the web that connects demography and economic growth.

Where China Is Building New Financial Architecture

China’s debt exposure has grown with its Belt and Road Initiative becoming a massive loan rescue operation.

When China Started Drinking More Beer

Reflecting more affluence, China’s beer consumption and its economic development have marched upward together.

Why We Want Age Inflation (or Maybe Deflation)

New UN life expectancy projections might not really display what living longer will mean for the most developed nations.

Where More Diapers Are a Disaster

The ingredients of China’s new demographics recipe includes fewer marriages, a declining birth rate, more elderly, and interest in funerals.

Where to Find New Capital Cities

Whether looking at Indonesia today or the United States in 1791, moving a capital city can be somewhat similar.

How Hamilton Created U.S. Economic Independence

Through Alexander Hamilton’s Development Plan, we see a timeless strategy for achieving economic independence from credit, debt, and growth.