A Happy (and sad) Razor and Blade Story

Producers of police body cameras can use a razor and blade strategy to spike their revenue for data storage and management.

The Razor and Blade for Printers and Cartridges

With printers and ink cartridges ideal for a razor and blade strategy, HP took the next step in a firmware update that had a delayed “DRM time bomb.”

Why Razor Blades Have Always Been Cutting Edge

Cutting edge razor blade competition during the beginning of the 20th century and now reveals how innovative selling strategies can change markets.

Jell-O, Gillette, and the Kindle Fire

At first no one wanted to buy Jell-O. The year was 1902, the product was jiggly, and people had no idea how to serve it. Then, its producers went door-to-door with free cookbooks. And the rest of the story is…