The Best and Worst Tax Systems

Comparing tax systems for higher income nations, we can be somewhat surprised by the OECD’s top and bottom countries.

How Covid-19 Affected State Tax Revenue

We can look at a snapshot of different sources of state tax revenue for 2019 and 2021 to see yet another way that Covid-19 affected us.

The Gasoline Taxes That Are Hit by Covid-19

Rarely mentioned, the revenue generated by gasoline taxes in the U.S. and Europe has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Why Traffic Tickets Relate To Tax Reform

Last spring, a young Norwegian woman worth close to $1.25 billion was pulled to the side of the road in her Audi Q3. Because the authorities determined that her blood alcohol was three times the normal limit, this month, an…

Why SALT Might Not Be Good For Our (Financial) Health

In the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, legislators eliminate deductions to offset lower tax rates. One target is SALT–state and local tax deductions.

Weekly Roundup: From Free Delivery to Expensive Coffee

Our everyday economics includes competition, progressive taxes, free trade, externalities, sunk cost, productivity, supply chain, incentives, & tradeoffs.

When Your Ability to Pay Determines Your Punishment

In Finland, for some traffic violations, the rich have higher fines than those with less because of day fines that are similar to progressive taxation.

John Stuart Mill on Affordable Health Care

A child prodigy, 19th century economist John Stuart Mill said in his Autobiography that, “I have no remembrance of the time when I began Greek; I have been told that it was when I was three years old. My earliest…

Do “Millionaires’ Taxes” Work?

I’ve been wondering about the impact of France’s “millionaires tax.” At first a 75% tax on individual incomes above €1 million ($1.37 million), the proposal had to be tweaked when France’s Constitutional Council said it was unfair. Returning to the…