What the RV Recession Indicator Tells Us

When the economy is starting to contract, we can take a look at a recession indicator in Elkhart, Indiana to forecast the future.

Six Facts: Our Global Energy Consumption

The six facts that illustrate our global energy consumption take us to the countries, the growth rates, and the types of energy..

Not Quite a Goldilocks Recovery

To decide the strength of our economic recovery since the Great Recession, we can use seven numbers or just one that might be most important.

A Greece Update in 4 Graphs

Coffee will soon cost 20% more in Greece because the terms of a fourth Greek bailout require higher taxes and less government spending.

The Downside of Cheap Oil

Cheap oil creates a tradeoff for GDP growth between a consumer spending more and oil producers cutting back on jobs and investment.

The Ebola Impact on Economic Health

More than the disease itself, ebola’s GDP impact from aversion behavior is rippling through West Africa domestically and in international trade.

African Development: Is Poverty Diminishing?

How to assess African poverty? The Afrobarometer provides some answers that generated several perplexing questions. The African Development Bank tells us that growth rates for many African nations have been a robust 4.8%. However, the Afrobarometer has concluded that in…

Positive Externalities: CutThroat Capitalism?

Having just enjoyed several weeks in Paris, a friend of mine returned to the US with huge applause for the French health care system. Several days later, she was delighted to see Robert Frank’s NY Times column, “What Sweden Can…

GDP: Where is the World Economy Going?

Yesterday, the UN published a preview of its world economic outlook. While projections are always debatable, their graphs provide a snapshot of key economic issues. GDP Outlook: Oil Prices: Grain Prices:   These projections and comments from a Société Générale Report…

Empowering One Billion Women

Name a nation. No matter which country you choose, you probably would see that women are underemployed. And still then, you would be looking only at the tip of the iceberg. Female labor force underutilization relates to a host of…