Why Are We Drinking Less Milk?

We can look at the alternatives and at the environment to understand why our milk comnsumption has gone down.

Why and How a Bee Will Get a Vaccine

With honeybee pollination so very crucial for U.S. agriculture, the significance of a new vaccine cannot be overstated.

Why Long Potatoes and Short Corn Can Be A Problem

More than crop innovation, the story of short corn takes us to climate change, to farm productivity, and maybe even to long potatoes.

Why We Want a Purple Tomato

Similar to all research and development, tomato innovation in the lab has produced a new antioxidant rich purple tomato.

The Cost of Raising a Child

While the most recent USDA totals are outdated, the tooth fairy and teenage baby sitters can tell us the up-to-date cost of raising a child.

The Cost of Raising a Child

Including how much we spend on the tooth fairy, the cost of raising a child can simply be one total or it can involve different specific expenditures.

The Mystery of the Missing Goats

We have fewer price and quantity signals because agricultural production figures on certain crops and livestock were eliminated because of USDA budget cuts.

Fries and Chips: Potato Stories

When firms use research and development (R&D) for french fries and potato chips they create a springboard that Harvard’s Clayton Christensen explains.