Clarence the Tortoise and the Metric Mixup

For Clarence the 75-year-old Galapagos tortoise, an extended visit to Moorpark College was going to be good. His mate had recently died and the College had an exotic animal training program.  Clarence would benefit from the new temporary home while his…

Why It Helps to Have (Emoji) Standardization

We know that transactions are easier when weights and measures and times are standardized but do we need emoji standardization?

Why December 31st is an Odd Length

Just like having the same weights and measures and money, when we all standardize our time with a soon-to-be-added leap second, our transaction costs drop.

Why We Need to Know About Chili Pepper Heat

Whether using a Scoville Heat Scale for chili peppers or DIST for the weight of a kilogram, markets need standardized weights and measures.