January 2020 Friday’s e-links: An NHL All Star, Choice Fatigue, and Income Inequality

In our Friday e-links for January 2020, I recommend a podcast on the unusual ascent of an NHL All Star, one on choice, and a new look at income inequality.

January 2020 Friday’s e-links: NHL All Star

In our Friday e-links for January 2020, I recommend two podcasts that I’ve especially enjoyed: one on a unique NHL All Star and another on choice fatigue.

Behavioral Economics: Insider Trading

Did you know that many college professors have encountered the dead granny phenomenon? Discussing dishonesty, behavioral economist Dan Ariely tells us that before a college midterm, a student’s grandmother is 10 times more likely to die and before a final…


Watching capuchin monkeys, we can learn about the financial crisis. In a July TED talk, Yale’s Laurie Santos describes the marketplace she created for the monkeys she was observing. Santos’s goal was to determine whether the mistakes we repeat are…