What Super Bowl Ads Really Say

Ranging from Apple to Amazon, and Pets.com to Ameriquest, decades of Super Bowl ads can demonstrate some major turning points in the U.S. economy.

Super Bowl Economics

The least expensive Super Bowl weekend in Indianapolis might cost close to $6248. That means you purchased a “nosebleed” seat for $2100 from StubHub, your coach airfare from NY or Boston was $1379 instead of the usual $400, and you…

Fried Chicken Wings

When the NFL lockout ended, dry cleaners, ticket-takers and souvenir sellers rejoiced. But not chickens. According to the National Chicken Council, on Super Bowl Sunday 2011, we consumed 1.25 billion chicken wings. Joe Sanderson, CEO of the 4th largest poultry…

The Super Bowl… Is it really about the game?

Even though I like football, when I watch the Super Bowl, I