The Unequal Impact of Climate Change on Women

Looking at the global warming impact, we would see how and why weather events exacerbate gender and age inequality.

How March Madness Generates Gender Bias

March Madness is a brand. As a trademarked phrase, it represents more than a tournament. It is a massive moneymaker that creates excitement, rivalries, and riveted viewership. It also represents NCAA gender inequality. NCAA Gender Inequality At this year’s tournament,…

Where to Find Gender Inequality

Through a 2020 UN report, we can locate the world’s gender inequality by looking at politics, education, economics, and physical integrity.

How the Gender Gap Affects Men’s Health

Another good reason for diminishing the size of the gender gap in Europe is the impact it will have on men’s health and their life expectancy.

The Importance of a Good (Voice) Pitch

Because men and women associate competence, confidence, and authority with a deeper voice, gender inequality can be caused by how women speak.