The Impact of the Swiftie Friendship Bracelet

On the wrists of millions of girls and impacting millions of people, Swifty friendship bracelets has become much more then jewelry.

Why There’s No Such Thing As a Free Ad

Considering the cost of ad-free streaming video, we are nudged in opposite directions by incentives that relate to behavioral economics.

Why Subscriptions Might Never End

Behavioral economics can explain why forgotten subscriptions have become an increasingly typical phenomenon.

How a Behavioral Economist Explains Our Thanksgiving Meal

Through a Thanksgiving Top Ten List, we can use behavioral economics to explain what we eat and how much we eat during the holiday.

When People Won’t Want Heavy Reading

Whether buying books by the pound or establishing a factory weight quota, the impact of the incentives will surprise you.

Why Your Name Matters

At home, at work, and politically, our baby names send a message that can nudge our behavior in a certain direction.

Why Monique Is More Than a Chicken

More than money, our increased pet spending signals the changing relationship we have with our dogs and cats and even a chicken.

Why We Expect Faster Deliveries

Mostly because of Amazon, the demand and supply sides of markets encourage us to expect increasingly faster deliveries.

The Economic Side of the Cronut

Celebrating the Cronut’s 10th birthday, we can also enjoy its economic side. Let’s take a look. Cronut Economics Described as “Pastry Nirvana,” the Cronut was introduced on May 10, 2013, at Dominique Ansel’s NYC Bakery in Soho. With no room…

The Mystery of the Missing Money

Late last Wednesday night, a tractor trailer driver pulled into a parking lot at a mall in Northeast Philadelphia. Hoping to take a snooze, he left his cargo of 7.5 million dimes behind a truck door with a flimsy lock.…