How To Preserve Our Nutella Supply

Hoping to expand the Nutella supply chain with new producers of hazelnuts in Canada and even New Jersey, Ferrero is supporting hybrid seed research.

How a Chinese Smartphone Could Be Made in America

When the U.S. proclaimed a seven-year ban on doing business with China’s ZTE, the stock price of Acacia Communications plunged: We could say the butterfly effect kicked in. Initially academic, the butterfly effect said that slightly changing your starting equation can…

Looking at a Global Supply Chain With a Smile (Curve)

A smile curve is a handy way to see that the global supply chain for technology is much more complicated than a Made-in-China label.

A Reason for Less “Endless Shrimp”

Our Wednesday Environmental Issue I just read but cannot confirm that in 2011, a Red Lobster employee observed 2 gentleman consuming 782 shrimp during 5.5 hours when Red Lobster had its “Endless Shrimp” promotion. According to a Red Lobster store manager, the…

One Reason That We Have Nutella

Inside a jar of Nutella you might have a little bit of the Ivory Coast, Turkey, Malaysia, the EU and the US. Processed in the EU, Turkey, Russia, Australia, North or South America, the cocoa and hazelnut spread is then…