The Unexpected Side of Library Late Fees

While library late fees are supposed to be incentives that encourage us to return books, instead they have unintended consequences.

Where Will Automation Change Our Lives?

Whether looking at a self-driving car or your airline ticketing app, you can see how automation has begun to shift job activities.

The Travels of a Cashew

We seem to be going nuts for cashews. You can see below that the U.S. and India are eating the most. We like our nuts as a snack, in protein bars and as cashew milk. In India, a growing middle…

The Countries With the Most and Least Cash

India appears to love its cash. Last year’s demonetization of large bills was supposed to diminish the use of cash, eliminate “black money,” and expand the digital economy. However, even without the high value notes, the currency supply dipped and…

The Messages That Satellite Images Send

By showing illuminated areas of the world, nighttime satellite images can tell economic stories that relate to growth and contraction.

Fracking and India’s Guar Bean Bubble

Used in ice cream, India’s guar gum is also so necessary for fracking that the rise of oil prices created a guar bean bubble.

Really Understanding the World

Seeing the world develop through bubble animation from Hans Rosling makes health and income statistics mesmerizingly enjoyable.

How to Maximize Tax Revenue in Unexpected Ways

From India, the UK and the U.S., stories that make taxes interesting: India Drumming Up Tax Revenue Using shame when all else fails, officials in a Mumbai suburb boosted property tax revenue by 20%. They just show up on someone’s…

The Cost Air of Clean (Bottled) Air

When we have air pollution reflecting the abuse of a shared resource then markets response with a privately owned higher quality version.

Why India’s Economic Growth Could Be Much Higher

Constrained by the 250 million women who could be in the labor force but are not, India’s economic growth reflects the absence of considerable talent.