The Economic Side of “Home Alone”

Identifying “Home Alone” economics, we can see reasons for economic growth through the difference between 1990s and 2023 technology.

The Reason For Pizza With a Three-Year Shelf Life

Technological innovation as a growth engine that leads to creative destruction can come from food processing discoveries from the military.

Production Possibility Frontiers: Entering (and Exiting) a Discovery Void

After technological innovation multiplies, might the pace of discovery slow down? Think of the history of antibiotics. Starting with the Sulfa drugs that were first discovered during the 1930s, the new antibiotic timeline is congested until 1962. Yes, recently, new antibiotics classes were introduced.…

The Surprising Impact of the Shot Clock On Basketball

This 60-foot shot is amazing. The game was between Shakopee and Hopkins, 2 Minneapolis-St. Paul area high school basketball teams. Playing a semifinal playoff, in quadruple overtime, Hopkins won 49-46 with the 60-foot shot. Hopkins’s strategy? They stalled with the…

Connecting Abigail Adams to Janet Yellen

Reading about “touch generations” in Sam Arbesman’s Wired Magazine blog, I realized that Abigail Adams and Janet Yellen were connected. Different generations touch when one’s birth year coincides with someone else’s death. Born in 1744, Abigail Adams died in 1818, the year that Karl Marx was…