The Seismic Changes in Doritos Supply

Looking at Doritos supply and demand, we see seismic changes in supply but little happening on the demand side.

The Many Sides of a Turkey

We can use Thanksgiving dinner, and especially the turkey, to see how inflation has affected recent food prices.

Where the Misery Index Makes Us Most Miserable

Looking at our happiness through an economic lens, our metric can be a Misery Index composed of inflation and unemployment.

Would You Pay the Same Price for 11 Eggs?

Sometimes shrinkflation is a more attractive alternative when sellers want to charge more but think they can hide it.

What We Need To Know About Student Loans

Knowing that the Supreme Court recently decided against the Biden student loans forgiveness program, we should look at who was affected.

The Real Reasons That Prices Go Up

Looking at reasons for firms’ price increase decisions, we can precisely see what fueled inflation during the past two years.

How We’ve Responded To Rising Restaurant Prices

Because chains and smaller eating establishments have dealt with skyrocketing costs differently, restaurant prices were not the only remedy.

When Inflation Creates a Cheap Date

In addition to our behavior at the supermarket and the gas station, inflation has created the incentive to go on cheap dates.

Why a COLA Just Got Sweeter

With inflation in the 8 percent range, Social Security COLAs–its the Cost-of-Living-Adjustments–will head toward all time highs.

Where Shrinkflation is Spreading

Obscuring the impact of inflation on products that range from cat food to coffee, shrinkflation has spread.