Why We Might Be Healthier Than We Think

When we look at the OECD Healthcare spending and outcomes among its 38 member countries, some facts about the U.S. are surprising.

Do Economists Want Mandatory Medicare for All?

Knowing that healthcare spending is a big national and individual concern, we took a look at what economists believe about Medicare for All.

Why We Waste Healthcare Spending

The six categories of healthcare spending waste and the five groups that help to create it can be related to Fermi’s Paradox.

Why Healthcare Spending Might Be Less Than We Think

When we look at the cost effectiveness of healthcare spending, we could conclude that it is not as excessive as the headlines indicate.

A Surprising Way to Cut Healthcare Costs

Assume for a moment you are in a doctor’s office observing an examination. A 70-year old male patient enters pulling an oxygen tank and wearing a baseball cap. Because the doctor has been seeing him for two years, he knows…

What Pets Can Teach Us About Healthcare Spending

We cannot avoid unintended consequences from healthcare legislation because healthcare spending has no “one-size-fits-all” solution.

The Values That Make Us Spend More

For major OECD countries and the U.S., the source and destination for healthcare spending reflect national values about limited government.

Weekly Roundup: From Grocery Bags to Soda Bottles

Our everyday economics includes developing nations, human capital, environment, behavioral economics, consumer spending, health care,incentives & sin taxes.

A New Way to Rank the Worst Diseases

While death rates are a seemingly easy way to assess healthcare spending, other perspectives like DALYs could be better when we consider the tradeoffs.

The Cost of Curing Different Diseases

Whether health insurance or individuals pay for healthcare, treatment decisions relate to the opportunity cost of using the time, money and resources.