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Econlife Quiz: Fourth of July

Enjoying cookouts, fireworks, parades, and fun community activities, Americans love to celebrate the Fourth of July. To mark the occasion, enjoy our latest Econlife Quiz: Fourth of July.

Econlife Quiz: TikTok

There is a lot you might want to know about TikTok, and econlife’s latest quiz about the app is a great place to start.

Econlife Quiz: Friends

With Netflix streaming 236 episodes of Friends, the econlife team decided to look at the money, the meals and the markets in our latest econlife quiz.

Econlife Quiz: Do You Know Your Baseball Economics

With the baseball season soon to start, the econlife team is looking at the money, the players, and even the music in our latest quiz.

Econlife Quiz: Do You Know the Economics Behind the Olympics?

Some economists have said that happiness might be the only reason to host the Olympics once you consider the cost.

The Cost of Being an Olympic Athlete

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Who’s making money during March Madness?

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Trim Troubles

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Cyber Monday Madness

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Unexpected Indicators

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