How Lockdowns and Legalization Are Changing Marijuana

Ranging from lockdowns to legalization, there are many reasons that our marijuana demand and supply are changing.

When Marijuana Causes a Car Crash

With recreational marijuana causing more car crashes, the police need a device that is comparable to the alcohol breathalyzer.

Six Facts About Marijuana and Money

Looking at marijuana economics, we see a growing industry that is constrained by the clash between federal and state law.

A Marijuana (Tax) High

Surprisingly successful although the rates are so high, marijuana taxes are creating healthier budgets in a growing number of states.

Growing Marijuana Markets

Exceeding chocolate and wine, estimated marijuana sales are high as more states legalize recreational pot and marijuana markets change.

How Price Changes in Marijuana Markets

Among the 13 states that will soon have marijuana related votes on the ballot, Florida will decide what to do about medical marijuana and California will consider recreational cannabis. Where are we going? To how legalization affects price. Marijuana Markets Where: Shown in dark…

Alcohol, Marijuana or Tobacco: Which is Most Harmful?

When government miscalculates the negative externalities of substances like marijuana and alcohol, they waste land, labor, capital, time and money.

Four Ways to Understand Marijuana Demand

With an increasing number of states legalizing marijuana, demand is shifting because of changes in utility, complementary products and the number of buyers.

Marijuana Money Problems

Colorado’s marijuana growers and dealers are wasting resources because banks and insurance companies will not act as their financial intermediaries.

Is Colorado’s Marijuana Tax Too High?

Colorado has a nasal ranger. Concerned with the increasing odor of marijuana in the streets now that its recreational purchase is legal, Colorado has made it possible to quantify the smell. Last year, between January and September, 11 of Denver’s…