What We Can Learn From Competitive Speed Eaters

Bringing innovation to speed eating, hot dog eating champ Takeru Kobayashi displayed the characteristics of any entrepreneur.

Alcohol, Marijuana or Tobacco: Which is Most Harmful?

When government miscalculates the negative externalities of substances like marijuana and alcohol, they waste land, labor, capital, time and money.

How Music Affects Our Shopping Behavior

In a store or restaurant, music tempo is an atmospheric tool that firms engaging in monopolistic competition can use to increase customer spending and time.

Should Kids Get Paid for Grades?

What happens when you combine a $100 student payment with a teacher bonus for high A.P. grades, better lab equipment, free tutoring, Saturday classes and extra teacher training? At one Boston school, the results for the A.P. Statistics exam were:…

The Reason That Certain Quarterbacks Earn More

A 3.2 difference in a facial symmetry score can mean an extra $378,000 in  pay for a quarterback. According to research from economist David Berri on salaries from 1995-2009, if a quarterback is better looking, his salary will exceed others…