How the Economy Affects Our Vote

The impact of the economy on our voting patterns is about much more than inflation, unemployment, and how much the GDP has grown.

What Happens When Cows Are Happy

Classic supply and demand, a milk glut was the result of happy cows listening to their favorite music and some other productivity initiatives.

Why a Laundry Folding Robot is About More Than a Chore

In 2020, a Laundroid might be folding your laundry. The size of a refrigerator, the Laundroid has a bottom bin in which you can place a crumpled t-shirt. Five minutes later when you return, neatly folded, it awaits you. We could save 9,000 hours–maybe…

Weekly Roundup: From Robot Servers to Shrimp Farmers

Our everyday economics includes wages, externalities, productivity, income, tradeoff, taxes, fiscal policy, gender, human capital and comparative advantage.

Why Ronald McRobot Will Soon Serve Us

A minimum wage hike causes labor intensive fast food restaurants to exit the market, capital intensive restaurants to enter and the number of jobs to drop.