At Econlife, we see the world through an economic lens. Hoping to share that lens with you every day, we select stories about the present and the past from the U.S. and beyond. Our topics vary. One day we could look at soap operas in India, the next at China’s aging population, and then whether Starbucks is more popular than McDonald’s. Always though, we create an economic connection.

As you can see through our daily blog, our Ask Alexa advice column, and our Perspectives media shows; we believe that an economic outlook is about much more than money. Thinking economically, we focus on the choices we make and the incentives that nudge us. Slicing away all of the layers that make economics boring and complex, we give our stories an economic spin that everyone can understand.

Seven years ago, we posted our first blog and now can proudly say that we have daily visitors from more than 100 countries.  Because we choose what we enjoy, we hope you too will have some fun. And we hope our economic lens provides all of us with insight we can use to make decisions at home, at work and as voters.

However, we could just say that we like economics and we would like for you to like it too.