What To Do About Manufacturing Unemployment

Looking at manufacturing unemployment, we can ask if the Trade Adjustment Assistance program is one way to help workers adjust to a new economy.

Six Facts That Tell You What Is Happening to U.S. Manufacturing

While it depends where you look and the industries you select, you can see that U.S. manufacturing is now experiencing a modest rebound.

A Tale of a New Shopper and an Old Brand

The retail unemployment caused by the decline of J. Crew and other beloved mall stores relates to a structural change in their industry.

The Jobs That Unemployed Men Don’t Want

We have far fewer secretaries and many less manufacturing jobs. But the secretaries are not in the headlines. Why? Male- and Female-Dominated Jobs In areas like manufacturing, there are many male-dominated jobs. Those male dominated jobs though tend to be…

Weekly Roundup: From Lost Jobs to Fewer Tips

Posts Roundup Sunday 10.11.15 Why we stick with a brand…more Monday 10.12.15 The many meanings of the minimum wage…more Tuesday 10.13.15 How a drone port solves road problems…more Wednesday 10.14.15 Development surprises from a new Nobel winner…more Thursday 10.15.15 Finding disappearing jobs…more…

Where Have All the Milkmen Gone?

Structural change in the economy involves new technology replacing old and eliminating jobs like milkmen, icemen, gas lamplighters and typists.