The Smaller But Enticing Bank Failure Facts You Want To Know

Moving from big banking collapse facts, we need the smaller ones to complete the picture of where we have been and where we might go.

Black Swans and Gray Rhinos

We can use a zoo that includes black swans, gray rhinos, elephants, and camels to describe financial events and human behavior.

Why Argentina Will Get a (World Cup) GDP Boost

Reminding us that economics is everywhere, we can look at World Cup winners and predict that Argentina’s GDP will get a much needed boost.

Where Did Bitcoin Come From?

With crypto markets in disarray, perhaps some Bitcoin history and vgocabulary can help us understand what is happening.

How Stock Market Activity Relates to the World Cup

Researchers have identified how much and why there is a correlation between FIFA World Cup matches and stock market activity.

How Financial History Can Repeat Itself

Looking at 1907 and the current turmoil in cryptocurrency markets, we could be seeing a repeat of financial history.

What is Bitcoin?

With the bankruptcy filing of the largest cryptocurrency exchange, FTX, the need for regulation (and the Howey Test) is ever more apparent.

How to Find Bear Market Territory

Since 1928, based on the S&P 500, there have been 26 stock market declines that we call bear markets. But they were especially frequent during the 1930s: The bad news is that recessions tend to accompany bear markets. However, on…

How YOLO and FOMO Affect Investing

In the realm of behavioral economics, we can find the active investing incentives that include YOLO and FOMO.

How SWIFT Makes Money Move

With SWIFT instantly becoming famous, we’ve taken a look at a heist and its history to demonstrate what it does.