When Fake Money Is Real

Moving away from the dollar or the euro, we can shift our image of money by thinking of a stone slab and other pseudo currencies.

Where We Need No Cash

Looking for a cashless economy, our first destination would be Sweden to see the upside and its unintended consequences.

How Inflation Affects Our Incentives

If Argentina’s inflation numbers cliimb, so too will the distortions in people’e behavior as their spending incentives change.

Are Checks Like Dinosaurs?

Moving away from cash and checks, for many of us, our money transactions have changed during the past 25 years.

The Mystery of the Missing Money

Late last Wednesday night, a tractor trailer driver pulled into a parking lot at a mall in Northeast Philadelphia. Hoping to take a snooze, he left his cargo of 7.5 million dimes behind a truck door with a flimsy lock.…

What Money Should Look (and Feel) Like

Perhaps unaware of the criteria for the most functional currency, Nigeria’s new money designers might not have solved its old problems.

Why Justin Bieber Cares About Catalog Shopping

Celebrities like Juston Bieber have monetized future income very differently from government’s monetization policies.

What Happens When You Have No Cash?

When its larger denomination bills suddenly became worthless in 2016, India’s demonetization became a case study about the role of money.

Where Bitcoin Has Another Problem

Adopting bitcoin during September 2021, El Salvador’s political leadership did not know all that could go wrong…and it did.

A Bitcoin Story With The Right Incentives and the Wrong Results

Trying to encourage bitcoin use, El Salvador had all the right incentives but still wound up with unintended consequences.