How Money Matters at COP27

A first day COP27 update demonstrates how tough it will be to make progress with developing world requests for “loss and demage.”

When an African Pipeline Is About Much More Than Oil

Like many fossil fuel projects, a new East African pipeline is controversial because of the tradeoffs it would create.

How Much Less We Work

With 60 million extra hours of non-commuting time, we had the opportunity to make revolutionary work leisure tradeloffs.

European Energy Policy Possibilities

Trying to keep it simple, we can summarize one think tank’s policy brief to see options for managing Europe’s soaring energy prices.

Why Fat Bear Week Is About Weighty Issues

When we meet Fat Bear Week contestants Otis and Holly, we can better see the EPA tradeoffs between drilling, mining, and the environment.

What We Can Learn From Spain’s Ice Shortage

Spain’s ice shortage reminds us that close to 200 years ago, after we learned that drinks could be chilled, it became a necessity.

Why a Heat Wave Name Would Help

With temperatures rising to new heights during an increasing numbers of days, some cities have appointed officers to oversee heat waves.

Why the French Have a Great Lunch Break

Moving beyond the “Great French Lunch Break,” we can look back and globally to see how our work hours vary.

Why AV Programmers Have Life and Death Dilemmas

Several months ago, Tesla agreed to recall 53,822 self-driving vehicles that were programmed to roll through a stop sign. The company decided that vehicles moving at less than 5.6 miles an hour need not stop if the car detected no…

How a Flamingo and a Bear Have the Same Problem

The conservation or development tradeoff for flamingos and bears shows us the complexities of environmental decisions.