September 2023 Friday’s e-links: The One Book We Should All Read

As the first of our September e-links, I recommend a classic economics book that relates to every presidential election.

The Price of Pandanomics

With the National Zoo’s giant pandas soon departing, we can decide if their massive expense is worth their presence.

Why Zoe Is the Name of a Heat Wave

At econlife, we’ve suggested that heat waves should have names. It turns out that some do. Right now Cerberus is roasting Southern Europe. Heat Wave Names The Italian Meteorological Society named the current Southern European heat wave after the mythological…

The Tradeoff Between Geology and Economics

If we are indeed in a new epoch, it will reflect the geologic tradeoffs between economic growth and natural phenomena.

Why An Arraignment Requires Line Sitters

Requiring more than 24 hours of standing in line, the recent Trump arraignments in Manhattan and Miami boosted line sitting demand.

Simply Stating the Debt Ceiling Deal

Stated by Congress in 99 pages of unintelligible sentences, the two halves of the debt ceiling deal can be simply summarized.

Pride or Practicality? Debating NASA’s Budget

With NASA’s funding, the dilemmas of budget cuts range from intangible pride to practical on earth considerations.

How Grandma Responds to a Debt Default

Affecting citizens, creditors, and contractors, a debt default is a personal event that touches the lives of millions of people.

Why We (Do and Don’t) Want Congestion Pricing

A first in a U.S. city, Manhattan’s soon to appear congestion pricing could create the incentives its advocates expect.

Why Swiss Villagers and Panamanian Islanders Have the Same Worry

While a collapsing mountain appears to affect just nearby people, it really is about the universal dilemma of relocating communities.