Five Facts About Chinese Capitalism

Through six facts about China’s political capitalism, we can see some of its economic strengths, weaknesses, contradictions, and history.

Six Facts: What It’s Handy To Know About China

A look at U.S. China trade history reveals how the Chinese economy has changed and what a combination of command and the market can accomplish.

Why China Will Make a Better Ballpoint Pen

Until Chinese innovation produces better ballpoint pens, the tips for billions of exports will have to be imported from Germany, Switzerland and Japan.

Weekly Roundup: From the Diner’s Dilemma to Lost Labor

This week’s economic news summary includes the diner’s dilemma and marginal analysis, property rights in outer space, the Phillip’s Curve and unemployment.

Do You “Wanna Know What China’s Gonna Do?”

An economic development plan that is characterized by a top down command structure, China’s thirteenth five-year plan contrasts with the market’s bottom up.

Why China Wants to be Called a Market Economy

Ignoring Adam Smith’s ideas, the EU will probably tell us by 2016 that China has a market economy because the World Trade Organization requires a decision.