When Grades Are Like Prices

At elite schools, “A” seems to stand for average. The reason is grade inflation. Grade Inflation At Princeton, capping the number of As was not working. The faculty was not consistently observing the mandate and students disliked it. So, after…

Why Our Earnings Are Not What They Seem to Be

Ranging from barely budging to a 32 percent increase, the ups and downs of average hourly earnings can be debated, depending on your numbers.

Weekly Roundup: From Smart Cars to Dumb Laws

This week’s economic news summary includes work week tradeoffs in France, new labor laws for the gig economy, and why price tags are disappearing.

Expanding How We Measure Inflation

Our CPI measure of the inflation rate has been debated because it could be calculated using a chained CPU, could be real time, and excludes some seniors.