The Surprising Reasons We Need Insurance

Because a cash prize or a Mercedes can be exceedingly expensive, charitable event planners buy prize indemnity insurance to hedge their risk.

The Armyworm Attacks in Zambia

Micro-insurance that protects African farmers from infestations and drought can have a surprising impact on their willingness to invest.

Weekly Roundup: From Data Spies to Ivory Trackers

Our economic news summary ranges from elasticity and a Berkeley soda tax to the minimum wage and the cost of living, to the power of the market and ivory.

Weekly Roundup: From Nibbling Nachos to Sipping Starbucks

Our everyday economics includes risk, externalities, purchasing power, complementary goods, capitalism, money supply, human capital, and innovation.

The Cost of a Parmesan Catastrophe

The cost of a natural disaster tends to be higher in dollars in developed nations and in victims in the developing world.

Weekly Roundup: From Thirsty Almonds to Potent Alcohol

Our everyday economics includes human capital, incentives, behavioral economics, cost and benefit, exports, tradeoffs, inequality, risk,markets, and income.

Pop Music’s Risk Takers

The popular music industry is a risk based culture in which addictive substances touring, irregular hours and stress create high mortality rates.