A Universal Basic Income Update

Looking at the universal basic income (UBI), we find a contradiction between people’s expectations and the results.

Close Encounters of the Everyday Kind

Where we live, shop, and eat can determine if we experience the income isolation that results from the people we typically encounter.

Who Is Wealthy?

Asking who is rich can take us to the numbers that stae our income or we can use income inequality to get some answers.

Why Billionaires Are Not What They Used To Be

Although our opinion of billionaires seems to be slipping into negative territory, still we are conflicted.

Where and When We Can Find the Most Wealth

Looking at the world’s affluence we can point a lens at billionaire wealth and at global income inequality.

Why a Baby Needs a Bond

Looking at wealth distribution in the United States, we can see why Connecticut has a new Baby Bond program.

Economic Inequality…or Equality?

Comparing global wealth, we arrive at different conclusions about the size of the gap because we use different metrics.

Where Inconspicuous Consumption Is Rather Obvious

Although the number of gigayachts is multiplying, they represent the inconspicuous consumption that makes more wealth less obvious.

How Do the Economy and Democracy Need Each Other?

In The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index and also through Pew Research, we can see how the economy and democracy need each other.

Why Inequality Might Have a $16 Trillion Price Tag

Looking at racial and gender inequality gaps, we see past, present, and future decreases in the GDP that affect everyone.