Why We Share Homes, Cars, and Clothing With Strangers

An economist can explain why we are willing to share homes (Airbnb), carpools (BlaBlaCar), and clothing (Rent the Runway) with strangers.

Deciding Who is an Uber Employee

Government could tell sharing economy firms like Uber, Lyft and Kitchensurfing if workers will be employees or independent contractors.

Weekly Roundup: From Uber’s Impact to the Cost of Children

Our everyday economics includes social norms, tradeoffs, financial intermediaries, human capital, sovereign debt, externalities,labor markets, & gender gap.

Why Government Needs to Catch Up With Uber

When Uber, Lyft and others in the sharing economy create a new category of jobs, outdated labor laws can create negative externalities.

How Uber Upsets the Status Quo

Labor market innovations are examples of why the people who started Uber can be called high impact entrepreneurs who fuel creative destruction.