When $15.00 is really $19.03

For more than a decade, workers have asked for a $15 minimum wage. Actually that means they’ve been asking for less every year. This year, we would have to earn $19.03 for the same purchasing power as 2012’s $15.00. Your…

How Home Work Created Assignments For Dog Walkers

Having shifted to more working at home, we initiated a ripple of changes for the people that do our dog walking.

Why Job Switchers Love Labor Markets

For happier news, we could look at how labor markets favor job switchers rather than the inflation headlines.

A Day in a Ukraine Factory

Even when air raid sirens send workers to shelters, still, a Ukraine grain mill continues producing its flour, pasta, and cookies.

How a Sedative Helped an Elephant in Kyiv

Looking at wartime zoos, we see how animals are comforted, supplies are stocked, and staff fights the war by remaining.

Where (and When) Do Women Earn More?

Whereas a Pew report says that young women’s gender pay gap has disappeared in 22 metropolitan areas, the whole story is not quite as good.

Looking at the Invisible Work That Women Do

Looking at women’s invisible work, we also see the relatively small amount done by men in most countries and the pay that was foregone.

What We Can Learn From Lunch

As Covid restrictions and precautions subside and we return to work, we can ask how normal the four day workweek will become.

How Do U.S. Jobs Markets Compare to Other Countries?

Using OECD data, when we compare U.S. jobs markets to other countries, the U.S. fares pretty well with quantity but not as much for quality.

Where Dog Walking Takes Us

When we look at dog walking economics, we can see many of the market characteristics that Adam Smith cited long ago.