How To Choose the Best Country

While there is no such thing as the best country, different media use a variety of metrics to tell us that some places are better than others.

Measuring Global Well-Being

Looking at the global well-being metrics from the Social Progress Imperative, we can see 60 criteria that exclude GDP.

Why Household Production Needs a Price

Because “we treasure what we measure,” adding household production to the GDP would boost the value of what most women do.

What Does Our Well-Being Cost?

Through new well-being metrics, we can see alternative criteria to which policy makers can respond after the GDP.

A New Way To Measure the GDP

We can identify new GDP facts about size and wellbeing by seeing the GDP through the PPP lens of the International Comparison Program.

Where Women Do the Most Unpaid Work

In Beijing, unpaid housework just got a price. Because of their new Civil Code, a Chinese judge decided that a divorce settlement had to include compensation for the former wife. He said that in addition to monthly alimony, she was…