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Elaine Schwartz has spent her career sharing the interesting side of economics. At the Kent Place School in Summit New Jersey, she was honored with an Endowed Chair in Economics. Just published, her newest book, Degree in a Book: Economics (Arcturus 2023), gives readers a lighthearted look at what definitely is not “the dismal science.” She has also written and updated Econ 101 ½ (Avon Books/Harper Collins 1995) and Economics: Our American Economy (Addison Wesley 1994). In addition, Elaine has articles in the Encyclopedia of New Jersey (Rutgers University Press) and was a featured teacher in the Annenberg/CPB video project “The Economics Classroom.” Beyond the classroom, she has presented Econ 101 ½ talks and led workshops for the Foundation for Teaching Economics, the National Council on Economic Education and for the Concord Coalition. Online for more than a decade. econlife has had one million+ visits.

What We Can Learn From Presidential Wealth

Starting with George Washington and concluding with rercent presidents, we can see how presidential wealth relates to economic growth.

Our Weekly Economic News Roundup: From Skyscrapers to Shopping

Connecting economics, current events, and history, this week’s economic news roundup ranges from congestion pricing to wealthier households.

May 2024 Friday’s e-links: A Feel-Good Film

Continuing with our May e-links, I recommend a respite from the world’s woes with a feel-good Netflix movie.

What Your Baby’s Name Signals

With the Social Security Administration having just published its most popular baby names list, we can ask what a name signals.

When a Skyscraper Is More Than a Tall Building

Describing Saudi Arabia’s plan for Neom, we can look back at tall building construction and ask if it signals stages in the business cycle.

Mind Over Money: How Your Brain Regulates Your Shopping Choices

While shopping in a store, consumers are unaware of the marketing techniques that create a neurological reaction.

What Congestion Pricing Signals

It is possible that the spread of congestion pricing to places like Manhattan signals less of a municipal love for cars.

The Challenge of the Last Mile

As a strategy used by airlines after deregulation, hub and spoke also offers potential for e-commerce deliveries in NYC.

How Household Wealth Might Surprise Us

Looking at household wealth, we would be surprised by the generational group whose asset values have soared.

Our Weekly Economic News Roundup: From Brown Eggs to Marijuana Regulation

Connecting economics, current events, and history, this week’s economic news roundup ranges from shrinkflation to Sweden’s billionaires.