Elaine Schwartz
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Elaine Schwartz has spent her career sharing the interesting side of economics. At the Kent Place School in Summit, NJ, she has been honored through an Endowed Chair in Economics and the History Department chairmanship. At the same time, she developed curricula and wrote several books including Understanding Our Economy (originally published by Addison Wesley as Economics Our American Economy) and Econ 101 ½  (Avon Books/Harper Collins). Elaine has also written in the Encyclopedia of New Jersey (Rutgers University Press) and was a featured teacher in the Annenberg/CPB video project “The Economics Classroom.” Beyond the classroom, she has presented Econ 101 ½ talks and led workshops for the Foundation for Teaching Economics, the National Council on Economic Education and for the Concord Coalition.

Our Weekly Economic News Roundup: From Airline Baggage Bins to Poor Punctuation Problems

Connecting economics, current events, and history, this week’s economic news roundup ranges from Covid can shortages to corporate taxes.

October 2021 Friday’s e-links: What Homer (Simpson) Says About Fashion

The third entry for our October 2021 e-links looks at a wonderful Simpsons’ animation that brought humor to Paris Fashion Week.

When a Big Bin Makes a Difference

The story of the overhead baggage bin is about more than a suitcase. It is also about revenue and seat selection: Overhead Baggage During May 2008, American Airlines was the first legacy carrier to impose the “checked-bag fee.” Because they…

Why a (Social Security) COLA Might Be Too Sweet

With Social Security COLAs (Cost-of-Living-Adjustments) soaring, we wind up with a wage mismatch that accelerates funding problems.

The Price We Pay For a Costly Comma and an Absent Apostrophe

When we use poor punctuation, a misplaced comma or a missing apostrophe can create a costly mistaken message.

A Bottle, Can, and Cup Calamity

Affecting glass, plastic, and aluminum, container shortages are constraining the production of disparate kinds of beverages.

New Pillars For the Global Corporate Tax System

Although 136 countries have agreed to update the corporate tax system, a 15 percent maximum rate is not as simple as it sounds.

Six Ways to Look at Innovation

Identifying global innovation leaders, we can look at 132 economies, at income groups, at regions, and even creative destruction.

Our Weekly Economic News Roundup: From Garbage Pails to a Green Google

Weekly Roundup​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Sunday 10.03.21 The million dollar garbage pails… Monday 10.04.21 Why flood insurance is flawed… Tuesday 10.05.21 What we can learn from a home plate umpire… Wednesday 10.06.21 The hidden cost of social media… Thursday 10.07.21 Six broken supply…

October 2021 Friday’s e-links: A New Way to Teach Economics

The second entry for our October 2021 e-links looks at a structural change in a basic economics curriculum that sees more of the real world.