Why Kraft’s Mac & Cheese Has a Global Warming Problem

Ranking the global warming readiness of the largest consumer product companies, a climate change research group tells us where to be concerned.

How Supermarket Shelves Influence Us

Depending on its location, a supermarket’s grocery shelf space can have a high or low value that will determine its product placement.

A Brexit Scare From Unilever

Unilever just created a Brexit Scare. Saying its commodity prices are rising while the pound sterling is sinking, Unilever wants to charge 10% more. Britain’s largest supermarket chain, Tesco, is resisting. At first Tesco removed many Unilever products from its…

Oligopoly: Selling Ice Cream in Finland

The first Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Store was in a renovated garage near the University of Vermont. According to Ben and Jerry, ice cream and Vermont winters complement each other because you feel warmer when the inside of your…

Just Desserts

Our story begins in 1920 with some ice cream, some chocolate and a stick. A candy maker decided to coat the ice cream with the chocolate, insert the stick and freeze it. Patenting the stick idea, he created the first…