The High Cost of Cheap Gas

Looking at Nigeria’s gas prices, we can see the costly impact of a subsidy and what happens when it is removed.

How Harry Styles Shifts Our Demand Curves

Seeing Harry Styles have a record setting 15 shows at Madison Square Garden, an economist would say it was all about his demand determinants.

What You Always Wanted To Know About Ice Cream

Looking at ice cream demand can take us to tasters, to World War II, to Ben & Jerry, and to what we currently prefer.

Where a Little Chicken Makes a Big Difference

With traditional chicken economics depending on larger birds, now, in the U.S. more of us want smaller tastier birds.

Why Does a Robot’s Gender Matter?

Shown by a male or female identity, gendered technology for our robotic vacuum cleaners or self-driving cars creates an emotional attachment.

What Economists Say About Crocs

We can use the economics of Crocs to understand why so many of us are willing and able to purchase an aesthetically questionable shoe.

Why Dinner Guests Say Thank You With Wine, Not Cash

Called repugnant transactions, there are some behaviors in which we should not engage that can involve money or moral outrage.

What We Are Drinking

In the United States and Globally, water is #1 for beverage consumption but then the two diverge, perhaps with some surprises.

Why Are Egg Prices Scrambled?

At a 15-year low, the hen to human ratio in the United States is three. While the reason is the Avian flu, the bigger problem is egg prices. Egg Prices Egg prices are up 59 percent year over year, and…

Why We Have a Santa Shortage

On the demand and supply sides of the market, we have a Santa shortage that some say has caused Santaflation.