The Mystery of the Vanishing Female CEOs

Using 85 observable characteristics, there was little that researchers could use from a Swedish study to prove why the glass ceiling blocks female CEOs.

Why We Have Fewer Female CEOs

With Indra Nooyi leaving PepsiCo, we have even fewer female CEOs of major corporations who can change expectations about male leadership.

Why Spanx Needed a Woman

Displaying what women bring to corporate boards, the story of Spanx founder Sara Blakely conveys the benefits of gender diversity.

A One is Enough Gender Gap Problem

A new study showing the prevalence of a “one is enough” cap on the number of female top executives at many firms confirms a continuing gender gap.

The Boardroom Still Has a Glass Ceiling

Our Monday gender issues blog: With Mary Barra soon ascending to the top of GM, she will also become the fifth woman on their 12 person Board of Directors. The boards of only 4 other Fortune 500 companies–Estée Lauder, Avon…

How Might the SEC Relate to SNL?

Starting with an excellent New Yorker magazine profile of SEC Chair Mary Jo White, I wound up at Saturday Night Live. First, some background on Ms. White: A tough federal prosecutor and top partner at a prestigious law firm, a fiercely…

Yahoo’s New CEO

Headline from CNN Money: “New Yahoo CEO Mayer is Pregnant” 1992: The title of a male CEO’s speech that was reprinted in the Christian Science Monitor: “A Pregnant CEO: In Whose Lifetime?” (Implying the unlikelihood.) 2012: From Marissa Mayer, new Yahoo…

Do You Believe in “Pink Quotas?”

Italy has just declared its “pink quota.” A new law mandates that by 2015, women should be one-third of all board members for listed and Italian state-owned firms. Currently, the total is somewhere between 3.7 and 6%. (Checking 2 sources,…