Why Inequality Might Have a $16 Trillion Price Tag

Looking at racial and gender inequality gaps, we see past, present, and future decreases in the GDP that affect everyone.

Is it Okay to Go Cashless During a Pandemic?

While cities, states, and countries have many more cashless transactions because of the pandemic, there is a downside.

When Money Makes Us Happy

In addition to income and gender inequality, there is a happiness gap that relates to income, education, and job prestige.

Where Less Internet Access Creates a Bigger “Homework Gap”

Unequal internet access in the U.S. and beyond has created a remote learning “homework gap” that relates to geography and income.

Why Do the Rich Believe They Became Rich?

A recent study provides insight about income inequality by asking if we believe financial success comes from our own effort or the environment.

January 2020 Friday’s e-links: a Whodunit, Dolly Parton, Income Inequality, Choice Fatigue, an NHL All Star

Having recommended three podcasts and an Economist article, the last of my Friday e-links for January 2020 is a whodunit series.

Why the World Economy is Growing More Slowly

In most of the world’s advanced economies, there are gains in certain areas and lagging regions elsewhere that create a disparity and less economic growth.

Six Facts: The Impact of Capitalism

With the political debate gravitating toward socialism and capitalism, today we take a look at six facts that tell us about capitalism in four countries.

Why Your Inflation Rate is Different From Mine

Although the BLS reports the CPI (Consumer Price Index) inflation rate each month, our own household could see different price changes.

A New Way to Look At Air Rage

Boarding JetBlue recently, a gracious gentleman offered to let me move in front of him. Embarrassed, I refused and explained that my boarding group was “D.” And he was a “B.” When I fly on jetBlue to visit my daughter…