What an Oil Boom and Bust Do to a Town

Sometimes like a roller coaster, the change in prices that cause an oil boom and bust can transform drilling towns and cities.

Why It’s Tough for OPEC to Fight the Frackers

The OPEC nations are having a tough time deciding what oil price to target because it all depends on how U.S. shale oil producers will respond.

Fracking and India’s Guar Bean Bubble

Used in ice cream, India’s guar gum is also so necessary for fracking that the rise of oil prices created a guar bean bubble.

Fracking, Fertility and Families

By comparing manufacturing and fracking communities, economists are trying to figure out why the number of single parents is soaring.

What is the Real Natural Gas Trade off?

Our occasional Wednesday environment focus When you discuss natural gas, do you refer to the environment, the economy or the law? Just mention natural gas to some of my friends and they focus on the environment. Concerned about the impact of the process used…