How to Own the Moon

Owning the moon has been debated since the 1960s when countries, businesses, and individuals had to decide if we had a common heritage.

How We Feel About Globalization

Our political affiliation suggests how we feel about globalization according to a recent survey from the Chicago Council on Global Affair

The Connection Between Traffic Jams and Jobs

As the downside of low unemployment, traffic congestion can have an invisible cost that relates to time, gas, and aggravation.

Why Free Tuition Is Like An Onion

When Kalamazoo, Michigan made college more accessible to high school graduates through a free tuition program, they were surprised by some of the results.

Predicting the Election

Today, let’s take a look at what three markets are saying about the U.S. presidential election. A Currency Market The Mexican peso/dollar foreign exchange market says that Mexico would not be pleased with a Trump win. During early August the peso rebounded when Trump’s…

Predicting the Election With the Economy

When Bill Clinton ran against George H.W. Bush, the 1992 November unemployment rate was 7.4% while during the previous June, it touched 7.8%. You can see why the big sign in his campaign HQ said, “It’s the economy, stupid.” Now, Mrs. Clinton’s…

Using Words to Brand a Political Party

The increasing polarization of congressional language could reflect the Democrats’ and Republicans’ need for political branding.

The Signals Your Name Sends

Your name can indicate which presidential hopeful you support. Bias to Hillary Clinton:   Bias to Bernie Sanders:   Bias to Donald Trump   Rather than focusing on donors, if we just look at Democrats and Republicans, then Miriam, Sarah, Emily,…

Deciding If You Are in the Mainstream

Listening to the presidential hopefuls, I thought some statistics about mainstream America could come in handy. My topics are based on a quiz from libertarian political scientist Charles Murray that NPR updated. Education Focusing on higher education, one quiz question implied that…

The Mystery of the Disappearing Deficit Worries

Although deficit worries have been confirmed by the CBO, the presidential hopefuls have ignored the topic and the voters have shown less concern.